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Maximizing your claim

Minimizing your stress

We are Pennsylvania's leading Insurance property loss adjusters 

Dealing with property damage and claims can be a stressful and overwhelming experience, which is why we are here to help. We are the loss-adjusting expert you need on your side. Ryan Claim Service specializes in expert claim adjusting and property claim Appraisal services.  Our team of licensed and experienced Public Adjusters will help you navigate the complicated claims process and negotiate with your insurance company to ensure you receive the maximum amount of compensation you deserve.  Contact us today for a free consultation.  You have nothing to lose; in the worse case, you will have more clarity and feel more at ease understanding your claim than before you contacted us. 


Claim Review

Are you uncertain about your property claim? Have you been underpaid or had your claim denied? It's time to seek a second opinion! Our experts are ready to review your claim at no cost to you. Let us help you ensure you're getting the fair treatment you deserve.

Claim Appraisal

An appraisal comes into play when there's a disagreement between you and your insurance company regarding your claim. It's a proactive step taken to reach a settlement, thereby avoiding expensive and time-consuming court litigation. We take pride in our track record of achieving successful appraisal outcomes for our clients.

Public Claim Adjusting

Handling a property damage claim should not be done by anyone who is not experienced and educated in the claim adjusting field. Definitely not to be handled by the average home or business owner. Let one of our licensed Public Adjusters file, handle and adjust your claim advocating for you.

Expert Repair Estimating

Our team uses the same estimating software that the insurance companies use. The only difference is that the insurance company leaves out additional vital details, intentionally trying to settle your claim for less money than you deserve and are entitled to.

There is no need to run around getting 3 different contractors' estimates and wasting everyone's time. You may use our service and save yourself the headaches. 


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Q - I already filed a claim with my insurance company can you still help?

A - Yes. Although it is advised that you seek a Public Adjuster’s review of the potential claim prior to speaking with your insurance company or agent. The reason is because the Public Adjuster has your best interest in mind. When the Public Adjuster enters into the claim from the beginning he/she sets the expectation(s) for the claim to your insurance company rather than the insurance adjuster setting a low expectation or worse to deny your claim. Although we have overturned many claim denials and have had countless successful outcomes of higher settlements after the insurance company is contacted first it is more challenging to change someone’s expectation once it has been set.

Q - What is a Public Adjuster?

A - A Public Adjuster is an individual who is licensed by each states’ Department of Insurance. Who specializes in advocating for the policy holder NOT the insurance company. The Public adjuster should be experienced in reading policy langue and conducting a proper investigation of the loss and damages being claimed. The Public Adjuster should present your claim to the insurance company, along with supporting documentation to ensure the best outcome.

Q - How long is the claim process?

A - It depends on many factors. The Public Adjuster or Appraiser will provide more details to you for your individual claim and what to expect. But usually, the process will take weeks to months.

Q - How does a Public Adjuster get paid?

A - You will enter into a contract with your Public Adjuster that is regulated by the Department of Insurance. The Public Adjuster is compensated on a contingency basis and does not collect a fee until they get your claim paid. Meaning they will charge a percentage contingency fee for the payment(s) that they are successfully to be paid by the insurance company. It is worth using a Public Adjuster not only for the higher monetary value they will bring to your claim but also for the peace-of-mind that you do not need to worry about handling and processing your claim.

Q - What is a claim Appraisal?

A - Most insurance policies have an appraisal provision. Where it allows either the insured or the insurance company to demand an appraisal when the two parties can not come to an agreement to settle the claim, this is somewhat of a common practice. Each side will appoint their own 3rd party appraiser. Those two appraisers will come together in an effort to reach an agreement for the claim. Should the two appraisers not come to an agreement, then an umpire will be appointed. This process is in an effort to avoid expensive and timely litigation.

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